Price monitoring request No. 2773366 
Monitoring the price market according to NMC No. 330713 "Polymer reinforcement"

Monitoring the price market according to NMC No. 330713 "Polymer reinforcement"

Purchasing items:
1. Кран шаровой VKDOC020F DN15 PN16 Fip (1 ШТ)
2. Кран шаровой VKDOM020E Ду15 Ру10 (3 ШТ)
3. Кран шаровой VKDOM025E Ду20 Ру10 (1 ШТ)
4. Кран шаровой VKDOM025F DN20 PN10 Fip (1 ШТ)
5. Кран шаровой VKDOC032F DN25 PN16 Fip (1 ШТ)
6. Кран шаровой VKDOM040E Ду32 Ру10 (1 ШТ)
7. Кран шаровой VKDOC050F DN40 PN16 Fip (5 ШТ)
8. Кран шаровой VKDOF063F DN50 PN16 Fip (1 ШТ)
9. Кран шаровой VKDOC090F DN80 PN16 Fip (1 ШТ)
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Publication date:
Bids submission deadline
Bids can also be submitted after the expiry of the specified period. However, bidding organizer has the right not to consider the bids submitted after bids submission deadline.
21.09.2021 23:59
Latest editing:16.09.2021 04:04
Responsible person:Андрощук Елена Николаевна
Additional info
Payment terms:100% on delivery
Place of procedure:This procedure is carried out in electronic form in the Rosatom section of the RTS-tender ( Participants' proposals are submitted in the form of an electronic document.
Procurement documentation provision procedure:Procurement documentation is provided free of charge in the form of an electronic document in Rosatom section of RTS-tender (, starting from the date of placing a call for bids.
Please, note that this price monitoring request is a bidding procedure allowing the bidding organizer to define the maximum initial price for a purchase procedure to be held afterwards, and thus imposing no obligations for entering into a contract.

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